Angela was one of my best and most fortuitous hires! Within her first 18 months, she helped us budget, financially plan, raise salaries, and achieve our highest profit year. It is not an exaggeration to say that without Angela, my company likely would not have survived the pandemic recession.

Angela is also a gifted advisor/coach. She is an intuitive person who deeply understands people and is good at guiding people to discovering their motivations, blind-spots, and capabilities. I have personally relied upon Angela to help me make critical business decisions, and she has coached all of our team members through communications, time-management, and prioritization challenges at one time or another. She continues to help our whole team be self-empowered leaders.

I highly recommend Angela as a trusted advisor and implementer to any company whose mission is making positive, meaningful impacts to the world — but who may be experiencing growth challenges or otherwise having trouble getting their feet under themselves.

– Alisa Herr, CEO, Unity Web Agency

Jack White Head Shot

I have been consistently blown away by the amount of time I have gained since working with Angela on managing my time. It has been interesting to learn about how the learning styles of others has an impact on how I can organize my time.

Since working with Angela, I have seen a radical shift in my approach to work and even interpersonal interactions, as I can respect others’ point of view and modify how I work and communicate to be more efficient and effective when interacting with others.

For myself, I am able to accomplish more in shorter periods of time as I manage my own expectations about the time it takes to complete certain day-to-day tasks. Learning better time management with Angela was definitely well worth the effort.

– Jack White, Senior Product Analyst

Angela was the swift kick in the ass that I needed as a founder to make certain strategic decisions that set my business up to thrive. I love that her style is straight-to-the-point, and I appreciate that she helps me reframe the way I view certain business challenges. She’s whip smart, analytical, and talented at simplifying complex operation problems for founders. If you’ve ever watched the show “The Biggest Loser” I often joke that Angela is like a Jillian Michaels for your business. She will do what it takes to coach you towards achieving success.

– Christina Marie Noel, Founder, Noel & Co.