Empowering you to lead your business, better.

As an Operations Consultant, I help business owners like you relieve stress around finances, operations, and leadership.

Angela Liu
  • Do you have no idea how to predict how much money you'll be earning month to month?
  • Do you have months when it's feast or famine and wish you understood it better?
  • Do you have a great team, but feel overwhelmed juggling all your responsibilities while ensuring you're responsive to their needs?
  • Do you need extra muscle to improve and implement improvements to a process?
  • Do you need a trustworthy advisor who can be your sounding board?
  • Do you have too much on your plate and know you need to hire, but unsure what to hire for and when?

Helping business owners


Maximize profit

by improving the financial health of your organization


Save time &
empower teams

by improving processes and collaboration


Thrive as a leader

with strategic decision-making support


Angela was the swift kick in the ass that I needed as a founder to make certain strategic decisions that set my business up to thrive. I love that her style is straight-to-the-point, and I appreciate that she helps me reframe the way I view certain business challenges. She’s whip smart, analytical, and talented at simplifying complex operation problems for founders. If you’ve ever watched the show “The Biggest Loser” I often joke that Angela is like a Jillian Michaels for your business. She will do what it takes to coach you towards achieving success.

– Christina Marie Noel, Founder, Noel & Co.

Ready to make a change?

If you’re open to change and ready to receive what I like to think of as a perfect mix of tough love and strategic support, I’d love to connect!